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There are more but on another account , some of these are from the Lost island and the odd one from the LOTR.


The tear from Kate on his finger and how real that felt confuses Sayid greatly.
How could it be possible to feel something when you are not there in reality?
Ayn explains to him that there is not just one reality. As there is not only one dimension.
The sceptic humanbeings fail to belief in other reailties, simply because they can't touch, hear or see it, let stand alone live in it.
She shows Sayid that there are many parrallel worlds. And that it is possible to live in many different lives on many different ways.
That's how it can happen that you are a begger in one, a scientist in another, a royalty in yet another and a criminal, a devoted husband and father and even a priest simultaneously.
In most lives the excistence is very humble and simple, very basic.
People are born and live their lives in the way of their ancestors.
But sometimes your life gets complicated by the deeper knowledge of knowing that there is infinite more possible with the way you live. Buddha was one of these people.

Being on Aghartha Sayid's health is recuperating faster then it would on earth.
He is such an eager student that studying takes away most of the pain, each day a little more.
He enjoys being with Ayn so much that he actually falls in love with her.
And the feeling is mutual.
But something stands in the way for Sayid to begin courting Ayn.
He feels he has to deal with that first.
There are two things that he has to address, finding out Nadia is safe and happy.
And the second thing is helping his friends on the island.
Learning more and more about remote viewing he ventures out to the island as often as he can.
In the meantime Ayn is making inquiries about Nadia, back on Upper earth.
She can leave Inner-earth when she pleases, but she can't take sayid with her.
The Naga forbid it. Because once Sayid leaves Aghartya and returns to Upper-earth, he will not be allowed to come back. He has vows and commitments to make before that and he is not ready yet.
Therefore he has to leave it up to Ayn to find Nadia.
He has been searching for Nadia for a very long time and he doubts if Ayn will be able to find her.
But within three days she does find what she was lloking for and takes photographs and makes copies of all documents and transcripts she can lay her hand on without getting caught.
Then she brings them to Sayid.
Nadia has married.
She is now the wife of a restaurant holder at the Champs Ellysee, in Paris, France.
She has children, two boys, a twin from 7 years old, Sayid and Faizal.
Two beautiful and healthy boys.
And their dad is a wonderful man, rich but honest and decent.
Sayid gets all quiet for a while when he hears about this.
He stares at the pictures for a long long time.
Ayn asks him of he wants to share his thought's about it.
"I don't know what to say." he answers :"I don't even know what to think. I am of course happy for her."
"But?" she asks.
"It's weird, I know, but somehow I thought she would wait for me to set her free. But it has been a little over seven years since I last saw her. I could never expect her to wait for me though...
"" In a way, yes. I am old fashioned, I know. Even a little bit conservative. It's these lovely kids that hurts me the most. They could have been mine. They are from the same age since I  helped Nadia escape in Baghdad."" 
Ayn ponders.
Why didn't she check the dna of the boys and compare it with Sayid's?
She was only too happy to see Nadia had married and she didn't have to worry about Sayid wanting to return to earth and to Nadia.
Now she has to go back and do that dna check...... 
~One Little Spark~

This breathe taking banner was made by the fantastic Dirsi!!
Sayid looking over his shoulder to see what is taking part and if it is really  FRIENDS ONLY
It was, for a while. But just because I experienced a writers block.
What happened? Nothing serious. I have been ill for a time (Lupus, Rheuma), but the main thing was putting myself under pressure. So stupid. So silly.
I wanted to post only ready made episodes/chapterines (chapters inside a chapter).
Perhaps for the reader it is eassier to read one whole posted chapter, but my hands and fingers hurt like hell and sometimes it takes 90 minutes to type one entry, like for example the last page of Remote Viewing, number 3.
I can't do that anymore, I have to accept my handicap. look at the way I am working at this little piece? I have two small pillows underneath my elbows and underarms to support my hands and especially my fingers on and over the keyboard. Every time I push in a key I get tingling in my finger, that echoes through my hands, travels to my arms. knock against my elbows, go on to my upperarms and end somewhere between my shoulder and neck towards my brain. That also gives me a majot headach. But what else can I do?
This is the only way left for me to communicate with others, because walking and standing also gets very difficult, three steps and I have to sit, because it hurts like hell in my pelvis and lower back.
I have to make adjustments. And one of them is to stop posting whole pages.
From now on I post what ever I can, when ever I can.
This community is re opened.
Tell me what you think of it so far.
With love and light, Lizz.

Remote Viewing part 3

These words, from sucha handsome and capable man such as Sayid, makes Ayn glow and radiate like a diamond, bigger then any diamond ever, on earth and on Aghartha.
With her index finger she draws him closer at her. Then she gently lays her hands arround his face and brings her lips towards his mouth.
Scanning eachothers emotions with their eyes, their lips and tongues do the preliminary, reconnaissance into a complete un-chartered world of love.
They taste vanilla, liquorice, mocca, honey, strawberry, chili-pepper, kiwi...and what was that?
So indescribable, inconceivable and unsurpassable hot and sweet at the same time.
The best they have ever tasted and very encouraging for more, lots more.
Wait, what is that? Something even hotter, sweeter, so delicious.... Let's try that once more....Spicey yet soft, provoking yet smooth, so indefinable but yet so irresistable...
And you want to know...
You want to know...
You need to know....
But, aww, these damn ribs!
Very disappointed Sayid has to retreat.
And Ayn smiles.
She smiles again.
She always smiles.
Her purple eyes lighten up :"Don't you think you get off that easy. I simply give you some room because of your injuries.
"" I don't intend to...give up." he replies :"62 days on one and the same island...just arround the corner...and I never saw you. Was I blind?".
"No. There is nothing wrong with your eyes or your brain. In fact, you have seen more then many of your friends."
"More? I dounbt it.....I should have seen...Henry's trap. But I stepped into it...just like my friends.", his eyes darken with sorrow :"I hope they are still alive.
"" Yes. They are. There has not been any significant changes since Henry's assault on you." 
"Can you also see that...with remote viewing?" 
"Yes. I will teach you. But not everything at once. Step by step. Two important clues during lesson one, one: forget everything learned or studied and two: remember the things you see now. Ready?"
That suprises him, :"What? Right now?"
"Yep. Close your eyes and picture the face of the person you saw last, before the assault. Who is that person? How does he or she look like? Concentrate on the colour of the eyes and the colour of the hair, the shape of the face..Who is it?".
"Sawyer." he says, somewhat suprised himself.
Sawyer, aka James Ford, nearly gets a heart attack when he suddenly hears Sayid's voice.
Tracing like a sleuth he scans every detail of his surroundings.
He could have sworn he heared the voice of Sayid, but he can't find the Iraqi soldier anywhere.
He has to admit, to himself, that he sure would like to see that little bronzed agile man again, if it were only because Sayid probably is the only person who would do a bold and kamikaze-like thing like trying to save him, Kate and Jack. He would probably even want to embrace him like a brother.
A big grinn brightens his face for a second.
Sayid and Ayn are but six feet away from him, on the island.
:"Good Grace!" another word Sayid learned on the island, but would never say that anywhere else in case a muslim would overhear it,: "He looks awefull. What did they do to him?"
Clever, foxy, cunning and a tiny little bit vain, Sawyer now wears dirty brown baggy rags, he is barefooted and has heavy chains arround his ankles.
Picking up firewood, he still scans the perimeter.
"Hurry up, man! We don't have all day!" another man yells at him.
This man also wears brown worn off rags, but he has leather moccasins on and no chains.
And he wears a rifle,, an old kaleshinkov and as Sayid assesses, well groomed and working.
"Who is that man?" Sayid asks Ayn.
"A criminal." she answers, : "There have been many attempts to find and infiltrate Inner Earth. Most of them were after the treasures, our gold, diamonds, jewels, but also the instruments the Agharthians and Naga invented, thousands of years of documentations, spacecrafts and weapons. Or our scientists, noble and gentlemen and women, priests and scholars. People go with great lenghts for that, some don't even think twice to kill and rob or rape, like Henry. My mother was not really helpless as Agharthian born, but Henry succeded in finding and mirdering her."
She points at the mentioned man, who is seated on a rock, just ahead, reading a book.
Sayid sees the cover and reads the title "The Bad Twin."
"That is the book Hurley was reading. Please, tell me that this monster did not do anything to him." Sayid says, with almost begging eyes.
"No, Hurley is okay." she says, while they wander, unseen, through the camp, : "Henry let him go. He wnet back to your camp to tell your people what happened here. Look at that woman over there." she points at a young woman just a few meters away.
"That's Kate!" Sayid's heart skips a beat.
He has always liked Kate, because of her guts and intelligence.
This once proud, fierce and independant young woman, now a prisoner, bows herself over an ugly bowl she has dropped and broken and cries about it.
Two other women just stand there, watching her and shaking their heads in disaproval.
"I need to help them!"Sayid says, firmly meaning his words, : I have to get them out of there. They are waiting for me!" 
"I know, sweetheart.. They still wait for you. But they have to be patient for a week or three."
"Have you already forgotten the broken glas and the tea?"" 
"Dammit!"  Yet another word Sayid picked up from the westerners.
It is supposed to lent them power.
Allthough devote christians think it is a way to curse God and that would turn on you one day.
But does it really give power?
Not for Sayid.
Dismissive he shakes his head.
Ayn takes his hand and together they walk towards the crying Kate.
They stand right in front of her, but she does not see them.
Sayid mentions her name a couple of times, but she cannot hear him.
Ayn again takes his hand and brings it to the face of the lost prisoner.
Tenderly she navigates his fingers over Kate's face, gently weeping off the tears.
In graet amazement Sayid looks at his fingertips.
They are wet.
With Kates tears.
And then Kate brings her hand to her cheeks, with puzzling eyes.
She turns arround and looks at the sea, because from there Sayid was supposed to come and rescue them.
"Sayid..." she whispers, :"Where are you?

Remote Viewing part 2

He is so stunned because he has heared of that term before, when he was in the army.
To be precise, he was not a soldier in the Iraqi Republican Guard anymore, he worked with secret agents from  the CIA and MI6 before the crash took place.
He was desperately seeking Nadia.
He lost track of her after he helped her escape.
That was more than seven years ago and he would probably lost his interest in her if the secret agencies had not located him and bring him in, from time till time.
They used Nadia to blackmail him into very dangerous undercover work.
He speaks fluently Arabic and a few Arabic related dialects and he is muslim. After 911 these undercover jobs became more and more frequent. He was sent to places all over the world untill he ended up in Australia and took flight 815 of Oceanic Air, with the known results.
In the military world the phrase Remote Viewing draws more and more attention. People are getting trained in different ways to peer into the future.
They are supposed to measure out or calculate the fall out or effects of certain missions excecuted by the US military, from what position or from what point of.
Not really happy with or ready for another military exercise, Sayid is frankly shocked to hear Ayn use such a military phrase.
She reads that in his darkened eyes and smiles.
"They stole that expression from us." she says.
""The military."
He frowns his forehead :"You accuse the military of stealing an expression?". 
She laughs :"I know how silly that sounds. They can have it, you know. But the way they use it is hopelessly wrong. They could use an example from the FBI. The FBI is using clairvoyancy without drilling poor soldiers to see things they would otherwise be able to see without expensive scientific trainings."
"Do you mean everybody can do remote viewing?". he asks half amazed, half intuitivly drawn to the subject.
She nods :"Yes. The Great One has equipt us all with thousands of these gifts. The only problem is that these days the people forgot how to use them. Stronger, they forgot that they have them."
"I don't fully... understand." Sayid says :"How come the Pentagon is spending so much money...to train certain soldiers remote vieweing when...that actually is part of the..ehm..human-luggage?".
"Because scientists are slow thinkers."
"What!?" he stares at her utterly suprised.
Ayn laughs again :"If you want to learn something very important, what is the first step you should do?". 
"Remember everything you already know."
"False. Forget everything you heared. Pretend you have amnesia and know nothing about the subject. See it for your self."
She points her finger at a large spider web, close to the bed.
"See how beautiful and complicated this web is?"
"Now watch this." she stands up and with her finger she destroys the big web, leaving only one single thread behind. One thread so tiny, so thin, so elusive, so fragile.
She sits down again and helps Sayid in a sitting position, leaning against her and watches with him what the spider does next. 
"One single thread. The Red thread through all of our lives, that tells you who you are." she says :"We, humanbeings, would get upset and angry. We would move away and rebuild somewhere else. But this single thread would always remind us. As a starting point. Like the spider does now." 
They watch the spider rebuilding her web, without any anger, without any fear, without the desire to retaliate.
The web is up and running again within one minute and as beautiful and elaborate as the one before.
"Now, how does she do that?" Ayn asks :"She has no room for memories in her tiny head."
"Instinct." Sayid says.
"Yeah, but what does instinct do? If I were to put a big juicy fly into her web, what does her instinct tell her to do?"
"To eat it.... Or to save it for later."
"That are already three important things for her to remember. She also has to re produce, that makes four. Does all of that fit in such a tiny little head?
"" Isn't that relative?" Sayid asks, not knowing where the subject leads to.
"That is another red thread." she says:"Relativity Rule. Einstein loved rules and laws like that. But where did that come from? Instinct? Like Mrs Spider?".
"Humans have intelligence."
"So Einstein was born with it?"
"I don't know. Was he?".
"I don't know either. I wasn't there. But somehow he had to learn all of it. If you have lived for, lets say 18 years, you would have a head as big as an elephant because you have to remember how to stand upright, to walk, to eat, to write, to speak, to play, to wrestle...And then you go to college to study. Where does all of the new knowledge have to fit in? Wouldn't your head be as big as the Mediterranean Sea? Wouldn't you need several sattelites floating arround your brain to remember all that and not to forget how to put one foot in front of the other, if that is possible at all with such a head?".
Sayid grins, he can see it in front of his eyes now, : "I don't think you could walk...sit, lay or stand. that way.".
"Now you are remote viewing." she very casually says:"And did you have to study at all?".
Suprised he looks up at her :"I was remote viewing?".
"Didn't you see all those sattelites flying arround? Or were you not trying to find your feet?".
"Yes, but.... That was just imaginative..."he stutters.
"That's all there is to it." Ayn says;"What would happen if's. Imagine the faces at the Pentagon.
""They would be mad as hell...if it was true."
"It is Sayid. Remote viewing is build in. Like mindreading, like clairvoyance, like instinct and intuition. All you have to do is forget everything you learned and open that door. In other words, don't think, just do it. Let it happen. And then practice, exercise, exert and execute. You don't need to walk, run dance or to study. And you don't have to be a soldier either. We already know you will never ever have to be a soldier again in this life. But your memories will come in very handy everytime you need to defend or protect somebody special to you."
"Gosg, Ayn...There is so much to learn.."he sighs, with his eyes glowing with worhshipping to her:"Right now, I think you are that somebody special. To me."....

Remote Viewing part 1

~~One Little Spark~~

Remote Viewing {part 1}

Sayid recuperates steadily.
His wounds heal faster then on earth, though it seems endlessly when you are the one whose body hurts all day and all night, all the time and those unwilling and not functioning arms and legs are yours.
He hates being unable to go to the bathroom and the toilet, he can't properly sit up or lay down and when it is dinertime the torture really begins.
Feeling that helpless, that unable and that vulnerable gets you so annoyed, and angry and so desperate.
Untill you find that the only childish stupid behaviour is your own.
Ayn shows him this, completely without words.
One morning she comes in with a tray with on it a big can of ice tea and two glasses.
She gently puts the tray on the sidetable and takes one of the glasses in her hand.
She hits it against the wooden frame of the side table, but just softly enough to break it in three evensized parts.
For his amazed eyes Sayid sees how she puts the pieces back together and sets it next to the other glass.
Then she picks up the can and begins pouring the icetea.
First in the whole glass and then in the broken one.
The tea, ofcourse, begins to run through the cracks of the broken glass.
Puzzling sayid keeps shifting his eyes from the broken glass, to the can that keeps filling the glass, whilst it keeps running and then to Ayns emotionless face.
It takes a few seconds, and a lot of ice tea, before he finds the courage to say something, because he can't explain why she would behave like this.
"Ayn." he says, reluctantly.
She looks at him : "Yes, Sayid?"
"Why do you keep pouring the tea? You broke that glass yourself. You do see that the glass does not contain the the tea as it should, don't you?".
She smiles and stops the pouring.
But then she tries to lift up that same broken glass and it breaks together in her hand.
Sayid is shocked :"Look out! You'll hurt yourself."
She smiles again and with one of her feet she pushes abucket, that she placed there earlier, to the side table and picks out a cloth she had putted there before.
Then she throws the broken pieces of glass in the bucket and wipes up the tea.
Sayid is startled : "Why did you do that?"
"Because it gets wet and messy if I don't." she answers.
"No. I mean...you broke the glass and still you poured the ice tea in it, why?" he asks.
"I needed to show you something." she explains :"This was only a glass. You have many bones in the same situation that that glass was in. You say I can't pour the tea into a broken glass. But can you walk, run, dance, draw, play guitar or make love to me with all of your broken bones?"
Sayid wants to make himself as tiny as possible.
She is absolutely right.
He wants to do things his body is not capable to at the moment and he gets angry and impatient because he wants to do everything himself out of shame and dispair.
Ayn takes another (whole) glass out of her pocket.
That shows her premeditation, she has planned it.
She pours the ice tea in the glass, but sets it down on the table before she says: "Can I now please help you up to share the rest of the ice tea?"
He allows her help. He can't sit up without her help and eventhough he can hold the glass in his hands, he can't bring it to his lipps.
Feeling his battered back against her soft body makes him shiver from joy.
"Forgive me. " he says: "I am so ashamed."
"Tell me why, please." she says, letting him have small sipps of the cool ice tea.
After a few sipps, he says : "I am not sure why. Maybe I am vain and proud. And stubborn. I am a soldier. I am supposed to be... tough and enduring."
"Have you ever been in a situation like this before?" she asks.
"I have been injured a few times, yes."
"But like this?"
"No, never".
"Would you expect a fellow soldier with the same injuries to do everything you want to do?"
"Then why do you expect it from yourself? Is it because I am a woman and men must always be strong in the company of a woman?"
"Maybe. I don't know. What I do know is that I am not familiair with this. I honestly do not know how to react, what I should do or should not do. I have never been ill or wounded and being looked after by a woman before. Not like this."
"The strong, silent, independant type, huh?" she says, knowing that it is a very old cliche.
"I suppose so. Yes. But also because I don't want to give a wrong impression of me."
"To me ?"
"Did you actually see the lines of the cracks in that broken glass?"
"Slightly, yes.".
"Would you have noticed it was broken if I had not broken it right under your nose?"
"Not immediatly."
"Would you agree with me if I said that glass was a wrong impression? It looked whole but it wasn't. ?"
"Don't you think that I knew that that glass was broken?"
"No. You knew it. But why do you ask this?"
"One more question. Don't you think that I know that nearly every bone in your body is broken?"
"I know you know that."
"So why am I supposed to believe that you are whole, that you can walk, dance, run, do everything you always did, knowingly that you can't? At least not for a few more weeks. You are giving me a wrong impression. Because I know very well how capable you are, when you're not hurt."
Again he wants to shrink and hide.
Once again she is right.
He shakes his head in disbelieve :"You are right. Again. " he admits :"But why didn't I see that?"
"Because I am on the outside looking in and that always is the easy way. You are inside the broken glass, fighting frantically to contain your usual good quality."
Amazed he looks at her.
"How do you do that?"
"You were very close to be patronizing, true but in a way correcting me and that felt patronised and before I could realise that you patch it up with such a compliment."
She smiles : "First, I was not trying to patronise. Second, i do not believe in patronizing people. And third, that was no compliment but the truth."
Sayid suddenly hears the voices of Thuro and Sunyl saying Ayn is a teacher.
He is glad he remembers that, because he would have seen it as patronizing.
An adult teaching an adult always feels that way, at least very close to that way.
He has to remember that the next time.
"Accepted." he says :"But that compliment you call the truth...me trying to contain my usual good quality. How would you know?"
"I have seen a lot since you're on the island."
"You were spying on us? How? I never saw you."
"By remote viewing."
Stunned he looks at her.
"Remote Viewing? You can do Remote Viewing?" he asks her........

The Foster Parents


The Foster Parents.

One week after Sayid's arrival on Aghartha he meets Thuro and Sunyl for the first time.
The Agharthians are very lobg, thin and white, with silver coloured eyes and platinum coloured very short hair.
Their faces show almost no emotions, their voices sound soft and monotone.
Their touch is very light and shallow.
Ayn introduces them to Sayid as her parents.
It is hard to tell the difference but Thuro is male and Sunyl is female.
They are from a very far advanced race, still looking human, still with the biological organs as humans, but with the increasing intelligence and wisdom, being hald human and half spiritual beings, they have lost their capacity to reproduce.
They don't age, because the are not exposed to the elements like the climate and other natural or chemical elements on earth.
Thuro examens Sayid's wounds and he is sattisfied :"You heal very well, for a humanbeing." he says :"If this did occur on the surface you would need several operations and it would take months to heal."
Touching the fractured ribs, he unwillingly hurts Sayid.
he knows that and he awaits some kind of reaction.
But Sayid stays quiet, he just cramps up a little, but he shows no other expression of pain other then in his dark brown eyes.
Thuro backs off :"You are very disciplined." he says :"Who taught you to deal with so much pain and stress?"
"I used to be... a soldier." Sayid replies, at the same time refusing Ayn to help him up to let him lean against her body.
"I am suprised... you allow me here...and even helping me."he says : "I would understand if...you didn't like me."
Thuro sits himself next to Sunyl, smiling gently he replies: "Everything you did, Sayid, was with a purpose and for a reason. You never liked hurting people, did you?"
"No. Never."
"You were never supposed to become a warrior. You were on our list." Sunyl says, with a soft and friendly voice.
Sayid looks at her :"What list, ma'am?"
"Sunyl is my name, it means bright light. We don't use mister, miss, sir or ma'ams. The Adepts list. : she says :"You were to be taken from your birthparents and brought up here to become, like Aynya, an Adept. We call human children we raise here Adepts because they adept so well to their lives here with us."
Thoughtfull Sayid asks :"You would abduct me?"
"As an infant, yes. We wouldn't need to do that when you were not switched at the nursery room shortly after you were born. Because your biological mother was one of ours. SHe was an Adept, like Aynya. She was supposed to give birth to you at Jaipur, Rajasthan on Upper Earth."
"What went wrong?"
"Her husband didn't agree. They were to lose their first born and after that all the children that would follow would be theirs. But the Hagarian prince she married abducted her to the north of Iraq and on their way the tragic accident occured."
"We were too late. You were already taken home. Because your birthmother did not die instantly we were not allarmed. " Thuro says, :"Sometimes we also make mistakes. We felt her pain, but we assumed she was in labour. That shows that we are not yet perfect. All of this.." he nods at Sayids wounds, :"Would not have happened if we had brought you here the moment you were born."
Sayid puts a frown on his fore head :"Does that mean... you were to be ...my new parents?"
"No. We speak in general terms because we are all connected to eachother, spiritually. We find it difficult to speak of I , me and mine. It's better to say we, us and our. Can I make a suggestion to you?
Sayid nods, sweat trickling gently of his face, the knuckles of his fists white from clamping them together.
"Lets make a deal. We will tell you about our daughter if you let her take you back in her arms again."
Suprised Sayid looks at him.
Thuro says :"It is exhausting you to lay on broken bones for long. As your physician I tell you to listen to your temple or vehicle. it's obvious you're in very much pain and there is absolutely no need for that."
Like a boy that is caught with his hand in the candy jar, Sayid sighs deeply :"There's no... escaping...mindreaders."
He hears the beautiful woman sitting next to him laugh very softly and he looks up to her : "I have... so much to...learn."
"Is that a yes or a no?" she wants to know.
"Yes. Please." he replies.
She helps him up and as usual when their skin touch the sparks flies.
"Oh, that is wonderful." Sunyl says happy with the chemistry she also sees.
Sayid has to take a moment to re catch his breath, every movement still hurts very intens.
He closes his eyes, bites on his lips and hangs powerless and exhausted in Ayn's warm and protecting arms.
She caresses his hair :"Focus on the 8." she whispers, :"Nobody will notice."
"They will." he answers.
"We are the ones that taught her that." Thuro says :"It is the most healthy painkiller and relaxer on and in the planet. We all do it. It's 100% natural. And it is not addictive."
"Ah... I do not agree... with that." Sayid replies.
Again he hears Ayn's laughter.
He looks up to her, drowning in her eyes and enjoying her beautiful smile.
He can't deny it anymore.
He is definitly in love with her.
That makes his blood boil very easily.
Just a few soft, tender strokes of her magic fingers over his body are enough to give him that bloody hot tsunami.
Then he whispers, hot and desiring :"When...can I use... my hands again?"
"Soon. I promise." she whispers back.
"They are "them" aren't they? " Sunyl asks her husband.
"Definitly." he replies and then :"Aynya is a straight descendant from bodhisattva Quan Yin. She has been her reincarnation a thousand times. We knew when and where she would be born again and we waited impatiently. Her parents are let to believe she was stillborn. We took her ten minutes after she was delivered and brought her here, 27 years ago.
There was not much we had to teach her, because she already knew everything. For the time being she is what you would call a cop. An agent. And she is also a teacher. The next time she will reincarnate will be the last time as humanbeing. She will then become one of us."
Stunned Sayid looks up to Ayn's face : "You will become... an Agharthian?"
She nods : "It's the will from the Great One. One day you will become an Agharthian too. This is in our DNA, our heritage. but we will become even more advanced Agharthians. We will look and breed as humanbeings and inherit the upper earth." she says. :"We will have children who know nothing of hatred and violence, Upper earth, like inner earth will be peacefull and pristine again. There will be no more wars, no more terrorisme, all the current world-leaders will be replaced and there will be peace and abundance again. As God intended to."
Sayid, as he listens to her, feels a deep calmth and peace entering his mind.
Like someone sedates him, partly.
Because as soon as his mind calms down, so does his heart and soul.
Though at first he was very sceptic about everything he has seen and heard since his arrival on Aghartha, he now knows it is true.
He feels it in his heart and mind.
Now he is accepting all of this, great peace and understanding comes over him like a glove.
He is not hallucinating.
He has not lost his marbles.
Telephatically Sunyl says to her husband : "He learns very fast. He must be the one the Great One has chosen to father the sacred child."
"He is the one." Thuro confirms :"He has gone through all of the bad experiences, war, pain, sorrow, grief, anger, fear, hatred and violence. The only three things he has to learn now are Tenderness, Trust and True Love. Then his mission is accomplished and he will be ready for the childgod.".




He looks in the smiling eyes of Ayn.
He is back in the reality.
"It's the intention that calls." Ayn smiles :"You can denounce it everytime and everywhere you want, Sayid. Because the Universal One hears, sees and feels everything."
He moans :"Mind reader...I forgot...that."
"I wil stop that the minute you are completely healed." she promisses.
He nods, understanding, but then shakes his head to shake off the sweat that is really everywhere.
"Yes? No? What?" she asks.
"Don't ...play with ...me." he says :"I am ...so hot."
"Your body is overheated because it is fighting off all intruders." she says :"Infections, fractures, trauma, everything. How about an ice shower?"
"A ...what?" he asks supprised.
"No, don't think it will rain ice cubes all over you. That would only hurt." she gets up from the bed : "Don't go away. I'll be right back."
She leaves the bedroom.
Go away?
He can hardly move, laying flat on his back.
He can't even rais his arms.
If Henry would attack now he would be completely helpless.
It's like hanging in that frame again and seeiing those clubs being aimed at you and hitting you and you have nowhere to hide and no way to protect yourself.
He gets nauseous when he remembers it.
Also he wouldn't be able to protect Ayn.
It's crazy but suddenly he realizes that that worries him more then being a sitting duck himself.
He looks around, trying to find something he can use to defend her if something bad would occur.
"That was quick." Ayn says while she returns with a big bowl of crunched ice :"First denounce violence and a minute later looking for a weapon?"
"You don't have to worry about Henry and co."
She puts the bowl on a side table and sits herself down next to him on the bed.
"He won't be able to leave the island without a key. Besides, it was me who scared him away in the cave, remember?"
Sayid looks suprised :"That was...you? How?"
"With a little magic. Some black smoke and a high voice, from way back in the cave. The walls did the rest. Hold on, I am gonna sit you up."
she says.
She lets her hands, palmsides up, slide underneath his shoulders, locks her fingers in his armpitts and moves him upward in one smooth movement.
Then, very quickly and behind his back, unbuttons her blouse, and lets his black and blue battered back lean against her body.
As soon as he feels her nakes skin he automatically bounces back forwards and apologizes to her.
"For what?" she asks :"I just don't want my blouse to get wet. it is okay. We are not breaking any rules. I don't even have that kind of rules. Come on. Back you go."
Slowely Sayid allows himself backwards.
But when his naked skin touches her's something unexpected happens.
A rain of very small coloured sparks appear from their bodies and their skins begin to tinkle like the tiny bubbles in a glass of champagne.
"What is...that?" Sayid asks completely stunned.
"Now don't tell me that you never ever heard about chemistry between two people before." she smiles.
That answer supprises him even more : "This is...that kind of... chemistry?"
"Yes. A visible one too." she answers, whilst she brings the bowl of the already melting ice close to her side.
Then she removes the sheets, leaving him in the nude.
"Hold your breath." she warns him, before he can even think about protesting.
She has a handfull of ice particles and starts to sprinkle them gently.
First only over his face.
Then over his front torso and even on his back and eventually all over his body.
His breath freezes instantly.
It is such a big relief.
She does it over and over again.
His breathing gets jerky as his body begins to shiver and a moment later starts too shake mildly.
He closes his eyes, feels the drops of cold water carressing his skin, trickling downwards, touching every part of his body.

Ayn is glad he keeps his eyes closed.
Eventhough she has been taking care of him for the last 72 hours, it is very different to watch him now.
To see the waterdrops flow along a skin that looks like "mocca latte" silk, getting steamy because of the heat the fewer produces.
look at the the way it makes narrow paths in the black curly body hair.
Notice the shivering increasing when the ice hits erotic parts of this beautiful man.
Enjoy how he gently bites his lower lip, how he presses the eyelids closer, how his face shows small but visible moments that hover between joy, lust and relief.
His long black hair gets soaked and because he leans against her naked front she gets wet too and her body also reacts in joy and lust.
She doesn't hide that, but she stays quiet and calm because of him and his background.
At the moment he lets go of his restrains and hides his hot and steamy face against her neck he feels her nipples harden.
He realizes that her body reacts on the way his body reacts.
A part of him is getting cautious.
But that is only a small part.
His major feeling wants it to go on and get more.
He looks up at her, ready to react when things get out of hands.
But he sees nothing forbidden or wrong, he is not doing anything God doesn't allow.
She runs one single fingertip along a trail that the water made on his body, so soft and tender that it feels like the wings of a butterfly.
It makes his breathing stop and little muscle spasm somewhere down there start.
Then she asks :"Are you going to give me your body or do I have to steal it from you?"
"No.." he whispers :"My body.. is all yours....You can do...with it...want you please. But...my mind...stays mine."
"Agreed."she asys, sattisfied :"Now tell me, on the scale of ten, how the pain is right now?"
"5." he answers :"How is that...possible?"
"Kundalini." she smiles :"It relaxes and softens the pain. Watch this."
She lets her long brown hair hang down, bows her head over his body and shows him how she can carresse him in threefold.
Using one hand, her lips and her hair, reaching every single part of his torso, without actually touching privat parts.
Her soft silky hair does that, whilst she lets her fingertips and her soft, damped lips carresse his body from all the way down upwards.
Slowely heading for his mouth.
There is no way at all for him not to get sexual aroused.
Every little part of him responds.
A tsunami of heat begins to boil in his veins.
He moans, not ready to give in and whispers :"Don't.."
"Sssht."she says :"That is what I am after. Now picture an 8 in your mind. Concentrate to see a big 8. And put that heat on it. Like on a children racing car track, or a railroad. Now try to move that heat forward with your mind.
Go on, try it.... Picture the crossing inside the 8 as the point of erection and orgasme. Push the heat across that point, pass it by. Let it circulate through your body...The 8 is your bloodflow. Let the heat run along this track, crossing it and further. As long as you can."
Sayid does everything she says.
He has a few very narrow escapes.
But he manages to avoid erection and after a while it becomes easier.
His mind relaxes, because it forgets all of the painfull memories and stress, as long as it is occupied with keeping the heat on the tracks.
Then his body also becomes relaxed and 80% of the pain disappears.
He opens up his eyes, amazed, but relaxed.
Ayn smiles :"That, my friend, is Tantra." she says :"From now on you can use that always when you're in pain or stress. All you need is a little heat and that 8"
"Amazing." he whispers.
"That is why I wanted your body." she explains :"But there is a tiny little problem."
Her eyes run over his black and blue beaten but otherwise very sexy body.
"What?" he asks.
Her eyes sparkle and her lips open up in an eyeblinding radiant smile as she says : "I am not sure if I ever want to give it back to you."
With those words and that smile, and touched by her magic, Sayid doesn't want his body back.
Not as long as it is in her hands.
He forgets everything as he lays there in her arms, feeling her body against his and her very light almost casual touch on exactly the right places to keep the tsunami boiling.
Completely speechless he looks at her face.
He inspects her purple eyes, recognizing the same colour of the veils she wore in the temple he dreamd of.
Could it be he is falling, head over heels, in love with this beautiful but mysterious woman?
One moment long he remembers Shannon and Nadia.
But this feels so very different. so deep and so intens.
Nadia was his first love.
They were childhood lovers.
When he met her again at Baghdad during the Iraqi Iranian war. where she was held captive and he was supposed to torture her for information, he could have sworn that she was the love of his life.
He did everything to find her again, even to torture his commanding officer.
Even selling out his best friend, although he never intended him to die.
And after the crash, sweet blond Shannon.
She had a divine body, though he could never figure out exactly what she wanted or what she felt for him.
He remembers her crying out :"You are going to leave me when we are out of here."
It rained, hard.
She was wet.
He was wet.
And he answered :"I am never going to leave you."
And then moments later he held her dead body in his arms.
Now he lays in the arms of Ayn.
He wonders if it is correct, ethically, to enjoy this.
To feel this strong desire to be with her, burning like lava instead of blood through his veins.
Who is she?.....
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The Universal One part 2


The Universal One, part 2.

The woman in purple and violet veils bows to him :"Namasté, Thoughtfull One." she says with a smile :"How are you?"
"Namasté." Sayid replies :"If you mean my body, or vehicle, I am not sure."
"Ah, I see you have already tend to your classes. Your body is safe in my hands. You have a high fewer, but that is quiet understandable in your condition. Nobody walks away unharmed after being beaten almost to death. Give it time."
"Does that mean that I will survive?"
"Yes. But to be absolutely certain I want you to give your body to me."

"Excuse me?" Sayid asks, stunned.
"Temporarily ofcourse. Let me take care of your body, so you won't have to worry. Because your mind did not come through all of this unharmed. As to be aspected you are in post traumatic stress. When you can't trust me in real life, because I am no muslima and I think and feel different from you. You are very welcome to retreat yourself here. but your body can't do that. It needs all the help it can get."
Sayid nods :"I understand that. It is not that I don't trust you, Ayn. I can't seperate my body and mind like you. I don't know how."
"No, I don't mean to seperate anything, Sayid. That would only worsen things. I got the impression that you are afraid of me because I am female and non muslim. These are emotional and mental things, it is like you are not allowed to experience softness, tenderness, care, warmth, touch, comfort. If you let me take care of your body only, as a vehicle, not as a man, this might be easier for you mentally."
"I understand what you mean. But I don't think it is a muslim thing. it's more a part of my upbringing, my education and my former excistence as a soldier. The things you just mentioned..."
He pauzes, searching for the right words, then he shakes his head : "I don't have much experience with all of these things. I am sorry, but I feel that it is better to be honest and straight with you. I am trying to be as openminded as I think I can be. And the thing about not trusting you.. well. I think that is down right shame. I am not vain or proud, just... not so wise as you are and that lady is."
"Quan Yin? She is a Bodhisattva, she is on the same level as Buddha, Christ and Mohammed. No living humanbeing is that wise. Although the Aghartians, the Naga, come very close to it. You probably do know who Mary was? The mother of Christ?
"Well, Quan Yin can easily be compared to her. When you know everything you need to know because of your heritage, you will understand that there is but the One God and that He has many forms. But for now it is eassier to understand that God is not an authorical figure, but the entire universe. Even the air that we breath, the tears and the blood that we shed, the beating of our hearts, the sand, water, rocks, animals, plants, people, you and me. He is the Universe. That is why I call Him the Universal One. And to you He is Allah. And that is perfectly allright. Because Allah is your creator and because you are His creation, He is inside of you. At least here."
She reaches out her hand and puts it on his chest, on his heart :"You are a piece of Allah. As much as Allah is in your heart. As much as Buddha is my teacher and a piece of me and He is in my heart."
Sayid sees that with his inner eyes.
A very narrow opening in his third eye gives him a glimps of how Allah is in everything.
The Qo'raan forbids following any other God or Idol than Allah, but the thought that Allah is the Universal One and The Creator of everything and Mohammed is the Creator of the holy Qo'raan, allows him to understand that Jesus, Buddha, Khrisna and ither great teachers and prophets have all tried to do the same, creating their holy books.
There are big holes in the earthly time.
Even a dedicated and loyal Muslim can't deny the science that the earth didn't begin just when Mohammed created the Qo'raan.
Counting back Sayid sees a patern in the time.
Every 500 years there is a Khrisna, Buddha, Christ and Mohammed, and others whose names he can't find at that moment.
What if it is true?
What if Khrisna, Buddha and Christ were, like ohammed, sent by God to help the humans who needed guidelines like the Qo'raan, the Bible, the Thora or the Veda?
And if they were all sent by the Universal One, why shouldn't they be seen as brothers?
At least they were all humanbeings, like him and Ayn.
And they all wanted the same, Peace.
How could it be that humans keep forgetting that?
How could it be that every 5 centuries there is a messiah or teacher sent and after a short period all hell breaks loos again?
All over the planet war rages.
Even in his own country.
Why does that keep happening?
Is there truly one religion or path that doesn't allow violence?
He looks at the statues again.
Buddha is against all violence.
His own body has met all forms of violence.
He himself has committed violence, both as a soldier and as a private person.
His thoughts run quickly to Saywer and Henry.
After torturing Saywer he swore never to do that again.
Then he got tortured himself by Rousseau.
After that he hurted Henry and Henry has payed him back big time.
He strongly feels the urge to denounce all forms of violence.
He would gladly do that.
And after that it would be lots easier to allow the softness and tenderness of Ayn.
He so longs for that, that it makes his eyes get wet.
Suddenly he feels something warm and soft run over his fore head and he looks up.......