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The Universal One part 2


The Universal One, part 2.

The woman in purple and violet veils bows to him :"Namasté, Thoughtfull One." she says with a smile :"How are you?"
"Namasté." Sayid replies :"If you mean my body, or vehicle, I am not sure."
"Ah, I see you have already tend to your classes. Your body is safe in my hands. You have a high fewer, but that is quiet understandable in your condition. Nobody walks away unharmed after being beaten almost to death. Give it time."
"Does that mean that I will survive?"
"Yes. But to be absolutely certain I want you to give your body to me."

"Excuse me?" Sayid asks, stunned.
"Temporarily ofcourse. Let me take care of your body, so you won't have to worry. Because your mind did not come through all of this unharmed. As to be aspected you are in post traumatic stress. When you can't trust me in real life, because I am no muslima and I think and feel different from you. You are very welcome to retreat yourself here. but your body can't do that. It needs all the help it can get."
Sayid nods :"I understand that. It is not that I don't trust you, Ayn. I can't seperate my body and mind like you. I don't know how."
"No, I don't mean to seperate anything, Sayid. That would only worsen things. I got the impression that you are afraid of me because I am female and non muslim. These are emotional and mental things, it is like you are not allowed to experience softness, tenderness, care, warmth, touch, comfort. If you let me take care of your body only, as a vehicle, not as a man, this might be easier for you mentally."
"I understand what you mean. But I don't think it is a muslim thing. it's more a part of my upbringing, my education and my former excistence as a soldier. The things you just mentioned..."
He pauzes, searching for the right words, then he shakes his head : "I don't have much experience with all of these things. I am sorry, but I feel that it is better to be honest and straight with you. I am trying to be as openminded as I think I can be. And the thing about not trusting you.. well. I think that is down right shame. I am not vain or proud, just... not so wise as you are and that lady is."
"Quan Yin? She is a Bodhisattva, she is on the same level as Buddha, Christ and Mohammed. No living humanbeing is that wise. Although the Aghartians, the Naga, come very close to it. You probably do know who Mary was? The mother of Christ?
"Well, Quan Yin can easily be compared to her. When you know everything you need to know because of your heritage, you will understand that there is but the One God and that He has many forms. But for now it is eassier to understand that God is not an authorical figure, but the entire universe. Even the air that we breath, the tears and the blood that we shed, the beating of our hearts, the sand, water, rocks, animals, plants, people, you and me. He is the Universe. That is why I call Him the Universal One. And to you He is Allah. And that is perfectly allright. Because Allah is your creator and because you are His creation, He is inside of you. At least here."
She reaches out her hand and puts it on his chest, on his heart :"You are a piece of Allah. As much as Allah is in your heart. As much as Buddha is my teacher and a piece of me and He is in my heart."
Sayid sees that with his inner eyes.
A very narrow opening in his third eye gives him a glimps of how Allah is in everything.
The Qo'raan forbids following any other God or Idol than Allah, but the thought that Allah is the Universal One and The Creator of everything and Mohammed is the Creator of the holy Qo'raan, allows him to understand that Jesus, Buddha, Khrisna and ither great teachers and prophets have all tried to do the same, creating their holy books.
There are big holes in the earthly time.
Even a dedicated and loyal Muslim can't deny the science that the earth didn't begin just when Mohammed created the Qo'raan.
Counting back Sayid sees a patern in the time.
Every 500 years there is a Khrisna, Buddha, Christ and Mohammed, and others whose names he can't find at that moment.
What if it is true?
What if Khrisna, Buddha and Christ were, like ohammed, sent by God to help the humans who needed guidelines like the Qo'raan, the Bible, the Thora or the Veda?
And if they were all sent by the Universal One, why shouldn't they be seen as brothers?
At least they were all humanbeings, like him and Ayn.
And they all wanted the same, Peace.
How could it be that humans keep forgetting that?
How could it be that every 5 centuries there is a messiah or teacher sent and after a short period all hell breaks loos again?
All over the planet war rages.
Even in his own country.
Why does that keep happening?
Is there truly one religion or path that doesn't allow violence?
He looks at the statues again.
Buddha is against all violence.
His own body has met all forms of violence.
He himself has committed violence, both as a soldier and as a private person.
His thoughts run quickly to Saywer and Henry.
After torturing Saywer he swore never to do that again.
Then he got tortured himself by Rousseau.
After that he hurted Henry and Henry has payed him back big time.
He strongly feels the urge to denounce all forms of violence.
He would gladly do that.
And after that it would be lots easier to allow the softness and tenderness of Ayn.
He so longs for that, that it makes his eyes get wet.
Suddenly he feels something warm and soft run over his fore head and he looks up.......


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