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The Foster Parents


The Foster Parents.

One week after Sayid's arrival on Aghartha he meets Thuro and Sunyl for the first time.
The Agharthians are very lobg, thin and white, with silver coloured eyes and platinum coloured very short hair.
Their faces show almost no emotions, their voices sound soft and monotone.
Their touch is very light and shallow.
Ayn introduces them to Sayid as her parents.
It is hard to tell the difference but Thuro is male and Sunyl is female.
They are from a very far advanced race, still looking human, still with the biological organs as humans, but with the increasing intelligence and wisdom, being hald human and half spiritual beings, they have lost their capacity to reproduce.
They don't age, because the are not exposed to the elements like the climate and other natural or chemical elements on earth.
Thuro examens Sayid's wounds and he is sattisfied :"You heal very well, for a humanbeing." he says :"If this did occur on the surface you would need several operations and it would take months to heal."
Touching the fractured ribs, he unwillingly hurts Sayid.
he knows that and he awaits some kind of reaction.
But Sayid stays quiet, he just cramps up a little, but he shows no other expression of pain other then in his dark brown eyes.
Thuro backs off :"You are very disciplined." he says :"Who taught you to deal with so much pain and stress?"
"I used to be... a soldier." Sayid replies, at the same time refusing Ayn to help him up to let him lean against her body.
"I am suprised... you allow me here...and even helping me."he says : "I would understand if...you didn't like me."
Thuro sits himself next to Sunyl, smiling gently he replies: "Everything you did, Sayid, was with a purpose and for a reason. You never liked hurting people, did you?"
"No. Never."
"You were never supposed to become a warrior. You were on our list." Sunyl says, with a soft and friendly voice.
Sayid looks at her :"What list, ma'am?"
"Sunyl is my name, it means bright light. We don't use mister, miss, sir or ma'ams. The Adepts list. : she says :"You were to be taken from your birthparents and brought up here to become, like Aynya, an Adept. We call human children we raise here Adepts because they adept so well to their lives here with us."
Thoughtfull Sayid asks :"You would abduct me?"
"As an infant, yes. We wouldn't need to do that when you were not switched at the nursery room shortly after you were born. Because your biological mother was one of ours. SHe was an Adept, like Aynya. She was supposed to give birth to you at Jaipur, Rajasthan on Upper Earth."
"What went wrong?"
"Her husband didn't agree. They were to lose their first born and after that all the children that would follow would be theirs. But the Hagarian prince she married abducted her to the north of Iraq and on their way the tragic accident occured."
"We were too late. You were already taken home. Because your birthmother did not die instantly we were not allarmed. " Thuro says, :"Sometimes we also make mistakes. We felt her pain, but we assumed she was in labour. That shows that we are not yet perfect. All of this.." he nods at Sayids wounds, :"Would not have happened if we had brought you here the moment you were born."
Sayid puts a frown on his fore head :"Does that mean... you were to be ...my new parents?"
"No. We speak in general terms because we are all connected to eachother, spiritually. We find it difficult to speak of I , me and mine. It's better to say we, us and our. Can I make a suggestion to you?
Sayid nods, sweat trickling gently of his face, the knuckles of his fists white from clamping them together.
"Lets make a deal. We will tell you about our daughter if you let her take you back in her arms again."
Suprised Sayid looks at him.
Thuro says :"It is exhausting you to lay on broken bones for long. As your physician I tell you to listen to your temple or vehicle. it's obvious you're in very much pain and there is absolutely no need for that."
Like a boy that is caught with his hand in the candy jar, Sayid sighs deeply :"There's no... escaping...mindreaders."
He hears the beautiful woman sitting next to him laugh very softly and he looks up to her : "I have... so much to...learn."
"Is that a yes or a no?" she wants to know.
"Yes. Please." he replies.
She helps him up and as usual when their skin touch the sparks flies.
"Oh, that is wonderful." Sunyl says happy with the chemistry she also sees.
Sayid has to take a moment to re catch his breath, every movement still hurts very intens.
He closes his eyes, bites on his lips and hangs powerless and exhausted in Ayn's warm and protecting arms.
She caresses his hair :"Focus on the 8." she whispers, :"Nobody will notice."
"They will." he answers.
"We are the ones that taught her that." Thuro says :"It is the most healthy painkiller and relaxer on and in the planet. We all do it. It's 100% natural. And it is not addictive."
"Ah... I do not agree... with that." Sayid replies.
Again he hears Ayn's laughter.
He looks up to her, drowning in her eyes and enjoying her beautiful smile.
He can't deny it anymore.
He is definitly in love with her.
That makes his blood boil very easily.
Just a few soft, tender strokes of her magic fingers over his body are enough to give him that bloody hot tsunami.
Then he whispers, hot and desiring :"When...can I use... my hands again?"
"Soon. I promise." she whispers back.
"They are "them" aren't they? " Sunyl asks her husband.
"Definitly." he replies and then :"Aynya is a straight descendant from bodhisattva Quan Yin. She has been her reincarnation a thousand times. We knew when and where she would be born again and we waited impatiently. Her parents are let to believe she was stillborn. We took her ten minutes after she was delivered and brought her here, 27 years ago.
There was not much we had to teach her, because she already knew everything. For the time being she is what you would call a cop. An agent. And she is also a teacher. The next time she will reincarnate will be the last time as humanbeing. She will then become one of us."
Stunned Sayid looks up to Ayn's face : "You will become... an Agharthian?"
She nods : "It's the will from the Great One. One day you will become an Agharthian too. This is in our DNA, our heritage. but we will become even more advanced Agharthians. We will look and breed as humanbeings and inherit the upper earth." she says. :"We will have children who know nothing of hatred and violence, Upper earth, like inner earth will be peacefull and pristine again. There will be no more wars, no more terrorisme, all the current world-leaders will be replaced and there will be peace and abundance again. As God intended to."
Sayid, as he listens to her, feels a deep calmth and peace entering his mind.
Like someone sedates him, partly.
Because as soon as his mind calms down, so does his heart and soul.
Though at first he was very sceptic about everything he has seen and heard since his arrival on Aghartha, he now knows it is true.
He feels it in his heart and mind.
Now he is accepting all of this, great peace and understanding comes over him like a glove.
He is not hallucinating.
He has not lost his marbles.
Telephatically Sunyl says to her husband : "He learns very fast. He must be the one the Great One has chosen to father the sacred child."
"He is the one." Thuro confirms :"He has gone through all of the bad experiences, war, pain, sorrow, grief, anger, fear, hatred and violence. The only three things he has to learn now are Tenderness, Trust and True Love. Then his mission is accomplished and he will be ready for the childgod.".


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