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Remote Viewing part 1

~~One Little Spark~~

Remote Viewing {part 1}

Sayid recuperates steadily.
His wounds heal faster then on earth, though it seems endlessly when you are the one whose body hurts all day and all night, all the time and those unwilling and not functioning arms and legs are yours.
He hates being unable to go to the bathroom and the toilet, he can't properly sit up or lay down and when it is dinertime the torture really begins.
Feeling that helpless, that unable and that vulnerable gets you so annoyed, and angry and so desperate.
Untill you find that the only childish stupid behaviour is your own.
Ayn shows him this, completely without words.
One morning she comes in with a tray with on it a big can of ice tea and two glasses.
She gently puts the tray on the sidetable and takes one of the glasses in her hand.
She hits it against the wooden frame of the side table, but just softly enough to break it in three evensized parts.
For his amazed eyes Sayid sees how she puts the pieces back together and sets it next to the other glass.
Then she picks up the can and begins pouring the icetea.
First in the whole glass and then in the broken one.
The tea, ofcourse, begins to run through the cracks of the broken glass.
Puzzling sayid keeps shifting his eyes from the broken glass, to the can that keeps filling the glass, whilst it keeps running and then to Ayns emotionless face.
It takes a few seconds, and a lot of ice tea, before he finds the courage to say something, because he can't explain why she would behave like this.
"Ayn." he says, reluctantly.
She looks at him : "Yes, Sayid?"
"Why do you keep pouring the tea? You broke that glass yourself. You do see that the glass does not contain the the tea as it should, don't you?".
She smiles and stops the pouring.
But then she tries to lift up that same broken glass and it breaks together in her hand.
Sayid is shocked :"Look out! You'll hurt yourself."
She smiles again and with one of her feet she pushes abucket, that she placed there earlier, to the side table and picks out a cloth she had putted there before.
Then she throws the broken pieces of glass in the bucket and wipes up the tea.
Sayid is startled : "Why did you do that?"
"Because it gets wet and messy if I don't." she answers.
"No. I mean...you broke the glass and still you poured the ice tea in it, why?" he asks.
"I needed to show you something." she explains :"This was only a glass. You have many bones in the same situation that that glass was in. You say I can't pour the tea into a broken glass. But can you walk, run, dance, draw, play guitar or make love to me with all of your broken bones?"
Sayid wants to make himself as tiny as possible.
She is absolutely right.
He wants to do things his body is not capable to at the moment and he gets angry and impatient because he wants to do everything himself out of shame and dispair.
Ayn takes another (whole) glass out of her pocket.
That shows her premeditation, she has planned it.
She pours the ice tea in the glass, but sets it down on the table before she says: "Can I now please help you up to share the rest of the ice tea?"
He allows her help. He can't sit up without her help and eventhough he can hold the glass in his hands, he can't bring it to his lipps.
Feeling his battered back against her soft body makes him shiver from joy.
"Forgive me. " he says: "I am so ashamed."
"Tell me why, please." she says, letting him have small sipps of the cool ice tea.
After a few sipps, he says : "I am not sure why. Maybe I am vain and proud. And stubborn. I am a soldier. I am supposed to be... tough and enduring."
"Have you ever been in a situation like this before?" she asks.
"I have been injured a few times, yes."
"But like this?"
"No, never".
"Would you expect a fellow soldier with the same injuries to do everything you want to do?"
"Then why do you expect it from yourself? Is it because I am a woman and men must always be strong in the company of a woman?"
"Maybe. I don't know. What I do know is that I am not familiair with this. I honestly do not know how to react, what I should do or should not do. I have never been ill or wounded and being looked after by a woman before. Not like this."
"The strong, silent, independant type, huh?" she says, knowing that it is a very old cliche.
"I suppose so. Yes. But also because I don't want to give a wrong impression of me."
"To me ?"
"Did you actually see the lines of the cracks in that broken glass?"
"Slightly, yes.".
"Would you have noticed it was broken if I had not broken it right under your nose?"
"Not immediatly."
"Would you agree with me if I said that glass was a wrong impression? It looked whole but it wasn't. ?"
"Don't you think that I knew that that glass was broken?"
"No. You knew it. But why do you ask this?"
"One more question. Don't you think that I know that nearly every bone in your body is broken?"
"I know you know that."
"So why am I supposed to believe that you are whole, that you can walk, dance, run, do everything you always did, knowingly that you can't? At least not for a few more weeks. You are giving me a wrong impression. Because I know very well how capable you are, when you're not hurt."
Again he wants to shrink and hide.
Once again she is right.
He shakes his head in disbelieve :"You are right. Again. " he admits :"But why didn't I see that?"
"Because I am on the outside looking in and that always is the easy way. You are inside the broken glass, fighting frantically to contain your usual good quality."
Amazed he looks at her.
"How do you do that?"
"You were very close to be patronizing, true but in a way correcting me and that felt patronised and before I could realise that you patch it up with such a compliment."
She smiles : "First, I was not trying to patronise. Second, i do not believe in patronizing people. And third, that was no compliment but the truth."
Sayid suddenly hears the voices of Thuro and Sunyl saying Ayn is a teacher.
He is glad he remembers that, because he would have seen it as patronizing.
An adult teaching an adult always feels that way, at least very close to that way.
He has to remember that the next time.
"Accepted." he says :"But that compliment you call the truth...me trying to contain my usual good quality. How would you know?"
"I have seen a lot since you're on the island."
"You were spying on us? How? I never saw you."
"By remote viewing."
Stunned he looks at her.
"Remote Viewing? You can do Remote Viewing?" he asks her........


~~One Little Spark~~

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