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The tear from Kate on his finger and how real that felt confuses Sayid greatly.
How could it be possible to feel something when you are not there in reality?
Ayn explains to him that there is not just one reality. As there is not only one dimension.
The sceptic humanbeings fail to belief in other reailties, simply because they can't touch, hear or see it, let stand alone live in it.
She shows Sayid that there are many parrallel worlds. And that it is possible to live in many different lives on many different ways.
That's how it can happen that you are a begger in one, a scientist in another, a royalty in yet another and a criminal, a devoted husband and father and even a priest simultaneously.
In most lives the excistence is very humble and simple, very basic.
People are born and live their lives in the way of their ancestors.
But sometimes your life gets complicated by the deeper knowledge of knowing that there is infinite more possible with the way you live. Buddha was one of these people.

Being on Aghartha Sayid's health is recuperating faster then it would on earth.
He is such an eager student that studying takes away most of the pain, each day a little more.
He enjoys being with Ayn so much that he actually falls in love with her.
And the feeling is mutual.
But something stands in the way for Sayid to begin courting Ayn.
He feels he has to deal with that first.
There are two things that he has to address, finding out Nadia is safe and happy.
And the second thing is helping his friends on the island.
Learning more and more about remote viewing he ventures out to the island as often as he can.
In the meantime Ayn is making inquiries about Nadia, back on Upper earth.
She can leave Inner-earth when she pleases, but she can't take sayid with her.
The Naga forbid it. Because once Sayid leaves Aghartya and returns to Upper-earth, he will not be allowed to come back. He has vows and commitments to make before that and he is not ready yet.
Therefore he has to leave it up to Ayn to find Nadia.
He has been searching for Nadia for a very long time and he doubts if Ayn will be able to find her.
But within three days she does find what she was lloking for and takes photographs and makes copies of all documents and transcripts she can lay her hand on without getting caught.
Then she brings them to Sayid.
Nadia has married.
She is now the wife of a restaurant holder at the Champs Ellysee, in Paris, France.
She has children, two boys, a twin from 7 years old, Sayid and Faizal.
Two beautiful and healthy boys.
And their dad is a wonderful man, rich but honest and decent.
Sayid gets all quiet for a while when he hears about this.
He stares at the pictures for a long long time.
Ayn asks him of he wants to share his thought's about it.
"I don't know what to say." he answers :"I don't even know what to think. I am of course happy for her."
"But?" she asks.
"It's weird, I know, but somehow I thought she would wait for me to set her free. But it has been a little over seven years since I last saw her. I could never expect her to wait for me though...
"" In a way, yes. I am old fashioned, I know. Even a little bit conservative. It's these lovely kids that hurts me the most. They could have been mine. They are from the same age since I  helped Nadia escape in Baghdad."" 
Ayn ponders.
Why didn't she check the dna of the boys and compare it with Sayid's?
She was only too happy to see Nadia had married and she didn't have to worry about Sayid wanting to return to earth and to Nadia.
Now she has to go back and do that dna check...... 


May. 13th, 2007 05:09 pm (UTC)
Wonderful! Another great chapter! I love the idea of searching for dna because maybe one of the kids belongs to Sayid. That is a twist I never saw coming! Very good work!
May. 13th, 2007 05:50 pm (UTC)
One of the kids? That's impossible, honey. It's a twin so either both or none can have Sayid's dna. I am not sure how Ayn is going to react on this...
May. 13th, 2007 07:04 pm (UTC)
Oh, I am sorry I didn't see that they were twins. It is an interesting story. :)


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