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The Universal One part 1

The Universal One, part 1.

Sayid is a very strong and intelligent man.
Raised as the son of a general in the Republican Guard, he is trained as a miltary, a practical thinking warrior, a good muslim and a well educated man.
The crash, losing Shannon, forced to hurt others, beaten very heavily and the confusing new information that Ayn has given him, proves to be a little bit too much for his weakened condition.
He breaks down and becomes very ill.
High fewers bring this man close to death.
In his un consciousness he enters an unknown dimension.
It is a beautiful garden with in it a little golden temple.
The door is wide open.
When he wants to enter it, he gets ambushed by demons.
He fights them and wins that battle.
The demons dissapear in thin air.
From within the golden temple the most precious and holy fragances descend.
A woman sings, accompanied by the music of the finest crystal bells.
Sayid enters the golden building with bare feet.
He sees hundreds of golden Buddha statues, wich all look so friendly, so mild, so wise and inviting.
All statues have a guirlande of flowers on their necks and each one also has a candle and some incense burning in front .
Being a muslim, where it is forbidden to portray God and Mohammed (the writer sees all Gods as One), it puzzles Sayid why he is feeling such deep emotions seeing all of this.
So many shining statues, all of them with flowers, candles and incense.
So much devotion, so much love and care, it touches his heart.
Should he feel repulsion?
Does entering this beautiful temple make him an apostate?
Does it mean he revokes the wrath of Allah?
He experiences so much love, softness and beauty.
Slowely he passes one and each of the golden statues and realizes that it is not the gold that enriches his heart, but the peacefull and loving emination and radiation of the Buddha as a figure, as a man, as a divine person.
Suddenly another radiating figure stands beside him.
It is a woman. She is not real, she is of pure light, purple, violet and pink light.
She also has purple eyes, just like Ayn.
Her hair is like pure gold and her face looks Asian.
She bows to him, handpalms together :"Namasté, son of Arabian Light." she speaks, softly and friendly : "I am Quan Yin. Don't you worry about Allah being angry at you, because you're here. Because he is not. God is love, compassion and good, not angry, dictating or punishing. You will be taught that God has many names, many shapes and many ways to be worshipped, but that in fact there is only One God, the God of love, compassion ans good. Allah is just One of His names."
The warmth she speaks with reassures Sayid that she is good and that he can trust her.
So he asks : "Who will teach me?".
The deity turns herself 180 degrees and to the middle of the temple.
There a small and fragile female figure sits on the floor, dressed in violet and purple veils.
:"She will." Quan Yin says :"Her name is Aynya bint Elohim, daughter of the Old Gods. You already know her as Ayn.".
In amazement Sayid looks at the fragile girl in the centre of the space :"Ayn?" he whispers :"Is she a priestess?".
"No. She is an Adept, she has been born a million times and she remembers everything, from the day Atlantis and Lemuria disappeared on, till now. She is an Agent and a Teacher."Quan Yin explains ; "An Agent because she took the holy oath to protect the hurt and weak. And a teacher because of her infinite wisdom. And right now you are her pupil. But there is one lesson here, that you get from me. Forget everything. Forget who you are, what made you and even forget the religion. Every religion, every culture, every worldleader. Look at what Ayn will teach you with an open mind."
This worries Sayid : "Do you want me to forsake Allah?"
"No. I don't. But in order to understand why you are here and in wich poor condition you are you need a blank mind.
Because otherwise you keep comparing. And this is not about Allah, nor is about Mohammed, nor about the Qor'aan. Do you know where you are right now?"
Sayid lets his eyes wander along all those beautifull Buddha statues : "How do you call a place to worship Buddha?"
"No, we don't worship Buddha. Because Buddha is not God. Nor is he an god. Nor is he any kind of deity. Buddhism is not about religion. Buddhism is a livestyle. Buddha is a teacher."
"Like Mohammed?"
"In a way. But he is also like a brother to him. And to Jesus and to Krishna and all the other teachers and prophets. He is also a brother to me."
Sayid looks at her, puzzling :"I am so sorry..."
He doesn't know who she is.
"That's allright. There is no real need to know who I am. In fact I am not. I am not human like you and Aynya. I appear to you only because you are hurt and ill.
Also I am Aynya and Aynya is me. Like you are Buddha and Buddha is you. Somehwere deep inside you. That makes me your sister and you my brother."
It sounds complicated, but Sayid knows instantly what she means and smiles, soft, warm and wise.
"I wish everyone on earth would think so." he says.
"They will." Quan Yin smiles patiently : "Someday."
Sayid takes a deep long breath and then asks her :"So if this is no place of worship, waht is this place?"
"You are inside a holy dimesion in your own soul." she says :"We are in your temple. Your vehicle needs rest and healing. Your body is your vehicle. You see, the soul has no form of it's own.
So it needs a vehicle to travel. I do not mean from Sidney to Los Angeles, but from person to person. It interacts with other souls. Sometimes these souls are casual, sometimes they are friendly, like lovers or family.
Sometimes they lose heart and become hard, bitter and cruel. Sometimes you find a soul who is exactly like yours. You think a like, you feel a like, you love a like. Then that soul is a part of you. Like a twin, brother or sister."
Quan Yin looks at Ayn, who has risen from the floor and is walking towards them.
"Ayn is my soulsister?" Sayid asks, suprised.
"Yes. In fact, we are all family. Everyone of us, living or divine. Remember this, Sayid. I am the sister of Mohammed, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, but also from you and from Ayn. I have to go now. Peace be with and upon you, brother."
Before Sayid can reply to that greeting she is already gone.....

The Naga part 2

~~ONE LITTLE SPARK~~ the Naga, part 2.
Without hesitation or asking for his permission, Ayn shifts her hands underneath the shoulders of Sayid, locks her fingers in his armpitts and pulls him upwards in one subtile smooth movement.
Carefully she lays his severly battered back against her body and before he can say anything, she says :"A womans body is always softer then a mattress, even if it is the best in the world."
Sayid doesn't protest at all.
Not only is he not able to move but he also can't risk losing her help and knowledge.
He shivers, while he works very hard to regain the controll over his breathing.
Slowely he becomes aware of the softness and the smooth round curves of the body he leans against.
He even trusts himself to lay his head upon her shoulder, but for now keeps his eyes closed.
Ayn smiles, gently bathing the sweat of his very hansome face.
: "The Naga...", he says, asking her to continue :"Am I...related... to them?"
:"In a way, yes. But in another way we all are," she says :"You recognised the symbol?"
He nods :"Serpent like...people."
"Yes. In India there is a legend about them. If you look hard enough you will find that it is everywhere on earth. But to keep it simple, I will stay in India. They call the serpent like people the Naga. They say they steal children, little babies and infants out of their cots. It is true what they say. Because I was stolen too. That is why I am human. They also say the Naga eat the children. That is not true. The children always are chosen with a very specific reason. The reason why they say the Naga eat the babies is because there are never any remains found. The true reason is that these children are abducted and put in care of very special foster parents."
Sayid looks up to her face :"Why ...are they...so special?"
"Because they are enlightened people and sometimes very advanced humanoid creatures." she explains, :"The Naga are very ancient. We call them The Agharthians. The indian people call them Aryavarthans. i am sure they have lots of other names on earth. They can't reproduce, they are barren. Some of them came from Lemuria or Atlantis. They are very tall, thin and white humannoids. They need children for their work, keeping Aghartha or if you like Aryavartha safe. And to stay safe the need to save the earth."
"Wait." Sayid interrups her :"Does that mean...we are not...on earth here?"
"That is correct." Ayn replies :"You are inside the earth. You are in the Hollow Earth. You are on Aghartha."
With big eyes full of disbelieve Sayid stares at her face.
He has to restrain himself from saying :"You are kidding."or "This can't be true."
The beautiful woman knows that he thinks that.
Verry patiently she smiles :"Yeah. I know it sounds crazy. But since you are getting nowhere in this condition you will have ample time to find out that it is true."
"But...How did we...get here?"
"There are many ways to get here. Look." She holds up her hands like she has a big balloon in it and before Sayid has the time to react, in between of her hands a holographic globe materializes.
He can hardly believe his eyes.
"What...kind of trick...is this?"  he asks.
"Just energy." she says as if this is the most common thing on earth..err..Aghartha.
She smiles :"Like an aura? Or a rainbow? Light. Just light. I will teach you how to work with that when you are stronger. For now just look. This is Upper Earth. Iraq, Australia, United States of America, India, South America, Africa, Russia, North Pole, South Pole." she moves the hologlobe around with psychic powers, showing him all the places where there are known entrances to the Hollow Earth.
And then she points at a certain spot in the ocean , a very well known spot, the Bermuda Triangle.
"This is where Oceanic Air flight 815 crashed. Straight through an opening, through 800 miles surface and into the westcoast of the bay of Shamballah." She turns the globe inside out and shows him the globe of Aghartha.
Then she points at the little island in the bay of Shamballah, :"This is the island where you and your friends ended up. It is the prison island where the man you call Henry Galen was banned to. And you and your friends had the misfortune of landing there, straight into his hands."
It's too hard to believe for Sayid.
He can't accept it.
He must be delirious. Or maybe she gave him somekind of drugs.
He shakes his head :"I am sorry...My head...It won't go...I don't understand... Forgive me."
He is upset, confused and in so much pain.
He has to shut his eyes tight to prevent the desperate tears from showing.
He must have gone mad or something.
That's it.
He is illusioned it's all in his mind, he is hallucinating.
It has to be...
It just has to...

Pictures to accompany the story

~~One Little Spark~~ The Naga, part 2.
Just a few pictures to accompany the story, to taste the atmosphere....

The Naga part 1

The Naga 1
Ayn feels how he keeps every single muscle tightened up.
She reads his mind and thus knows that as a muslim he can't or is not allowed just to relax in this exposed way.
So she reaches out her hand and pulls the sheet over his lower body. Then she says: "I know of no part in the holy Qur'an where it is said that when an upright muslim man gets seriously injured, he is not allowed to accept the help of an upright woman who wishes only to nurse him back to health again. Is there such written in the holy book?"
Sayid shakes his head :"No."
"Is it because I am holding you? "she asks.
He does not answer.
So she asks : "Would it help you if I laid you down, back on your back again?"
"Maybe.." he whispers, shamefully.
She looks thoughtfully at him :"I will comply with your request, Sayid. If you really want to. But be adviced that it will hurt like...hell."
Oh God, he thinks, what am I gonna do?
He gets no reply.
It's not because God, or Allah, does not hear him or forsakes him.
There is an answer, but the warrior in Sayid does not hear that. Because he is looking, listening and expecting in all the wrong ways.
He makes a wrong decision and asks to be laid on his back.
Knowing better, she does as he wants her to.
It takes only a few seconds before he knows he has made a mistake, but he is not going to show it rightaway.
Sitting by his side, Ayn tells him that she saw everything that happened in the cave.
Schocked he looks at her : "E ...everything?"
She nods :"Yes."
He closes his eyes and wants to dig a deep hole in the ground to crawl into, because he is so much ashamed.
He remembers hanging in that wooden frame, completely in the nude, so exposed, so defendless and so vulnerable, as he never ever felt before.
He feels like he is never gonna be able to look her in the eyes again.
This nightmare has to stop, rightnow.
He focusses sharply, concentrates every little part of himself. He has to wake up!
But then he hears her say, in a soft and gentle way:"If this was just a dream, you were better off in my arms, wern't you? What you experience now is not just the weakness of a proud and vain man, but that of years of conditioning by military and corrupt government. They have trained you well, Sayid Jarrah. But the forgot one little thing. The trained the wrong man."
Amazed Sayid looks up to her.
He is transpiring and shaking, biting on his lips and pushing his fingernails in his handpalms, but he is not giving up yet.
Ayn nods ; "You see, in the little town up north in Iraq, two little boys were born at the same day. " she tells him.
: "They had the same forename, Sayid. With that difference that one of them had an extra Y in the name. Sayid Jarrah and Sayyid bin Nur Al Hagara. The first little boy is the son of a military man, a general. The other little boy lost both his parents. They were prince Abdul bin Achmeed of Hagara, a small kingdom in the north of Saudi Arabïa and princess Nuraïsha bint Sanjeev of Amritsar, a Sikkh princess. Prince Abdul and his wife Nur were in an awefull crash. The prince died rightaway, but his wife was still alive and gave birth to a boy at the same hospital, where the Jarrah's had their boy. The princess didn't make it. So the little boys were placed together in the same room. Both had a little blue bracelet with their first name on it. The father of general Jarrah took his grandchild out of the cribbe to his mother to feed. But he took the wrong baby. In the meantime the other boy was brought to his grandparents in Al Hagara. But he died of cot death when he was 7 weeks old. You are the true inheritant prince. You are identified by me, at the hand of this little sign on your left armpit."
She shows Sayid some black and white photographs of the prince and the princess and the blow ups of the photographs that show tiny little but clear to see figures of a S or a snake.
She shows the same S on the right upper arm of the prince and on the inside of the left wrist of the princess.
Sayid gasps for air.
Not only from pain and exhaustion.
But more because he does have the same little sign in his left armpit, on the side of his chest.......

On Aghartha part 2

~~One Little Spark~~
On Aghartha part 2
A few hours later Sayid awakens.
When he opens his eyes and looks around he thinks he is still dreaming.
Slowely he gets aware of the pain.
It's everywhere and it is so intens.
What happened?
He struggles to remember, but there is only one thing he sees, over and over again.
The devlish grin of Henry Galen when he drove the knife into his side.
Sayid lifts up his head to see the wound.
In schock and awe he sees that his complete torso is black and blue and swolen too.
He sees the plaster around his pelvis and the bandage on his side. His eyes stare in wonder :"What the..."
"Sssh" , a woman's voice whisperes, very close:"Try not to move. You have been injured badly."
A wet cool cloth is laid up on his forehead.
He drops his head backwards to see who that woman is and meets her purple eyes.
"Ayne.." he says, recognising her: "What happened?"
Ayn gently bathes his face with the wet clothe : "You fell in the hands of a very dangerous criminal." she says.
"Criminal?" Sayid asks :"Henry?".
"Ah. He calls himself Henry now, does he?" she asks.
Her reply puts a question-mark in Sayid's eyes :"Henry Galen .. is a...criminal?"
She nods :"A killer and a rapist." she says.
His dark brown eyes open widely :"He is?"
"His real name is Nolan, Richard or Dick Nolan." she tells him :"He is sentenced to lifelong banning."
"On...our island?" Sayid asks, holding his breath : "My friends... Oh my God...I have to save my friends."
He tries to get up, desperately.
But his legs won't move and his arms don't obey.
Instead of it a world of pain comes tumbling down on him.
He gasps for air, then tries it again.
He succeeds in lifting him self up about one foot high, but then his shoulders collaps, because they can't bare his weight and he falls back on the resting bed.
That results in even more pain.
But he says nothing, digs his finger nails deep into the flesh of the palms of his hands and closes his eyes to prevent the tears from starting to rain over his cheeks.
He waits ten seconds and then tries again to get up.
This time Ayn helps him.
But he doesn't get far.
Before he collapses a third time, Ayn places herself between the resting bed and his badly bruised back.
Sayid trembles, sweat is pouring from his body.
"What's...wrong... with me..?" he whispers in despair.
"Have you ever seen a man walk with a broken pelvis, 14 broken ribs, two broken collarbones, a broken shoulderblade and two dislocated shoulders?" she asks him.
He moans : "Did they...beat me up...that bad?"
"Yup." she replies : "You have been given bone enhancer, healing dust and antibiotics but it needs four to six weeks to heal completely."
"That's ..impossible. My friends... they are.. in the hands...of that...monster."
"I know. But airlifting out them is impossible. We are doing the best we can. Your friend Michael and his son are safe now. We helped them escape."
Those big brown eyes ask for more information :"Escape?" he echoes her last word, : "But...Michael is a...murderer."
"That is how you look at him." she says :"I will explain everything to you Sayid. But you have to understand that you are not going anywhere in this condition, except maybe in an early grave. And how would that help your friends? Please, try to relax for now. They need you to stay alive. They need you."
Very sad Sayid casts down his eyes.
She is one hundred percent right.
He can't walk, can't move his arms and he is in a hell of pain. He needs help first, before he can help others.
But how can he relax in these circumstances, beaten to pulp, naked and exposed to the bone and in the arms of a beautiful  yet unknown woman?.....

On Aghartha part 1

~~One Little Spark~~
On Agharta (a)
There is a world inside the world, a planet inside the one that people live on and poison it's air, water and soil.
The old Hollow Earth theory consolidates!
The bright white light Sayid saw before he got unconscious, was that of a small spaceship.
On board there are two very tall slender men, dressed in white suites, their hair is blond, almost white and theur skin also is very pale.
One of them is the pilot, the other is a physician.
There is no "beam me up Scotty", at least not yet.
The two men bring an ultralight stretcher.
The physician, called Thuro, scans the motionless badly hurt body of Sayid before he gives the okay for the patient to be moved up on the stretcher.
Quietly they carry the very unlucky man to the spaceship, that indeed looks like a disc.
Ayn follows closely.
The green yellow stone also function as the key to open up the vehicle.
They bring Sayid inside and secure the strechter. The pilot lifts up the small ship, whilst Thuro and Ayn start working on Sayid wounds.
Noone speaks,
They communicate telepathical.
Thuro "says" :"He has great luck that his spine is not dammaged. Two vertibra in the pelvis are concussed, but not broken. There are two tears in the pelvis, but not completely through. But all of his ribs, collarbones, chestbone and left shoulder blade are broken, both his shoulders are dislocated. One long is punctured and the knifewound has missed his spleen by two centimeters. All in all, this young man is very lucky. $ weeks bedarrest and a cocktail of healing dust, bone enhancer and antibiotics would do the trick. He will need 24-7 nursing though, he can't walk and he will not be able to do much with his arms, he will be as helpless and vulnerable as a newborn."
"I have promissed him I would help." replies Ayn :"I want 6 weeks in seclusion with him. He is halfway to enlightement. Give it 18 months and he will be a real Adept, Thuro. Can you talk to The One on my behalve about this?"
"I will, yes. But he is a warrior, that will never change."
"I know. I'll train him as an AAA (Aghartian Adept Agent)".
"Agreed. He is all yours."
Thuro gives Sayid a couple of injections first, then he cleans all wounds.
He puts a very thin layer of skincoloured plaster on Sayid's pelvis.
Then he manualy repositions the broken ribs and the dislocated shoulders.
Finally he does one last scanning with his hands and tells Ayn :"The Great One doesn't want me to heal him completely. He wants Sayyid bin Nur to heal the natural way, because he needs time to adjust on Aghartha. He also wants him to find trust in you. You are his mentor and guide."
"So, I was right, he is a son of Nur?"Ayn asks him.
"No. He is the only son of princess Nur.",Thuro answers:"You have done well to find this man, but we fear that he has no recollection of who really bore him. Ofcourse it is all saved upthere." Thuro points at the temple of Sayid's head :"You will be very busy nursing him and saving his friends. But you know that they can never enter Agharta. You will have to find a way to save them and return them to Upper Earth. And after that you will get very busy with the Sacred Child."
:"How long do we have?" she asks with a low voice.
"Only 15 years from the conception-date."
Ayn lloks worried :"Will Upper Earth hold on that long?"
"That depends on the humanbeings there."
The little spaceship has landed on a tiny open space in a beautifull pristine forrest.
There is a small house of red and pink bricks and green and yellow oker (tan) rooftiles.
From above you don't see the house, fron the ground it blends in into huge green tree's and reddish rocks at the foot of the Great Red Mountains.
The two Advanced Aghartians carry the stretcher with Sayid into the the little stone house. The interior looks Indian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhistic all at once, very decorative.
There are three bedrooms a small state of the art kitchenette, a large bathroom and one very big livingspace.
"Where do you want him?" Thuro asks Ayn.
"Since he has four weeks bedarrest and I don't want to bore him to death, the livingspace would do nicely. thank you." Ayn replies.
"Do you have everything? Ayurvedic medicins, food, water, what you need? You'll spend the next weeks in seclusion here." Thuro asks, fatherly and then, looking at Sayid,: "He can't lay on his back nor on his chest with all those injuries."
"We will do fine, thank you." Ayn bows to the Agharthians :"May the Great One bless you eternally."
"Oh, he will." Thuro smiles :"You too, Lady Aynya. If there is anything you need, you know where to find us."
The Agharthians bow back, then they leave....


~~One Little Spark~~Pay back time.

We find Sayid back hanging in a wooden frame, in a cave. His hands and feet are tied each in one of the four corners of the frame, arms and legs spread out wide. He is tied up so tight that he can't move a muscle.

In front of him four men are squating, around a fire, speaking softly to eachother.

Sayid recognises ont of them as Henry Galen.

He tries to free himself from the ropes but finds that it has knots that tightens itself with every movement.

Henry looks up at the prisoner and stands up, with a devlish smile on his face. He walks towards Sayid with a gloomy glow in his eyes.

"Seems to me like the tables are turnen now." he says, gloating: "I was looking for you. I needed another part for my collection, because it plays better when all the pieces are on the board. But you own me something."

He takes out a razorsharp hunting knife from his belt and puts the point of it at Sayid's throat.

In a reflex the Iraqi man swallows, his ebony coloured eyes looking at the knife and then up to Henry again.

"So, you want to play with me?" he asks.

"In a while." Henry confirms :"There are one or two things to put straight first."

He pushes the tip of his blade a little bit deeper, just enough to open the skin. Then he lets the knife run down through the soft brown skin and into the top Sayid wears, to cut it open all the way down.

He rips off the cotton from Sayid's body and throws it into the fire.

"You look much smaller then I actually thought." he says.

"Are you gonna strip this guy or can we have some fun with him?" one of the other three men asks.

"In a while."  Henry answers, putting his knife behind the waistline of the pants of his prisoner.

Two quick slashes and one good pull is all he needs to remove the trousers and after that the boxershort.

Sayid stays quiet, looks calmy at Henry.

This man steps back to have a good look at the naked man in the frame.

He shakes his head:"Aww....Pathetic!" he cries out:"You are so tiny."

The other three men join him, sizing the ex-soldier up from top to toe.

One of them says:"You know, I always asked myself if someone with a coloured skin, like this fellow, really is coloured all the way." nodding at a certain part of Sayid.

Sayid looks at the ceiling for a second and then drills his eyes into those of the man who just said that silly thing.

But before he can reply, Henry just throws the knife into his side, as deep as the blade is.

Sayid's eyes look very suprised at him. But the only sound he makes is that of the oxygen leaving his lungs.

Henry pulls back the knife out of Sayid, laughing and with big shiny eyes.

He turns around and says:"Now you can have him. But I want him alive. Barely. But alive."

He walks to the entrance of the cave.

It is, again, raining.

He holds out his hand and lets the rain wash off the blood on the knife.

He doesn't look back to see what his three cruel compagnons do.

They all have wooden clubs and they beat the hell out of Sayid's torso.

The chocolat coloured man doesn't have a chance to defend himself.

His exposed body receives countless bashes all over. There is not one little spot on his torso that doesn't get hit.

His rib's snap, his pelvis breaks, his shoulders dislocate, but he doesn't give one little sound.

Then suddenly the cave is filled with thick black smoke and a loud squeeking sound echoes against the wall's.

Everybody shouts and in blind terror they all run away.

From the back of the cave Ayn appears.

She walks towards the entrance to make sure Henry and co are really gone.

Then she comes back, pulls out a knife and cuts the ropes holding Sayid in the frame.

She has to catch him before he collapses and falls on the rocky floor. Slowly she brings him downwards.

He makes a little moaning sound, shivers , transpires and gasps.

He looks up for a moment to see who holds him and finds those strange deep purple eyes.

"Oh God.." he whispers, suprised.

"Nope. God didn't have anything to do with this." Ayn answers.

She lets the palms of her hands go from tip till toe of his body, scanning each part of him and reading him, receiving pictures like those of an ultrasound in her mind.

"Good news, You are gonna live." she says.

"Bad news, everything in and on your torso is broken. I have to air lift you out of here. Do you still have the key I gave you?"

"What...key?" he asks, very close to losing consciousness.

Ayn shows him her amulet. The perfect match of the green yellow stone that he has found.

He looks up to his right hand. In there, clutched tightly, he holds his amulet.

"Well done." Ayn says:"Give it a minute or five."

She brings his naked badly hurt body half upright and lays him against her body to help him breathe eassier.

His head leans over backwards on her shoulder. :"Who ...are you?"  he wants to know.

"They call me Ayn." she says, whilst she pushes a piece of the torn top on the knife wound wich is bleeding heavily :"Ayn bint Elohim."

"Oh...Arabic." he understands :"Like ..me."

"You don't have to talk, Sayyid bin Nur." she says :"Save your breath. Just think the words. I will hear them."


"Telepatic, yes. You can do that also."


"Yep. You're half Adept. When we are home I will teach you the other half."

"A..dept?"  Sayid's voice gets very weak.

"Later, son of the desert. Save your energy. Are you comfortable?"

He tries to nod, but the room gets filled with light so intens white that he has to close his eyes.

He shivers from the schock and his last words are:"Please...Help...my friends...when I am...gone."

Then he drifts away on a white soft cloud...

Eyes part 2


~~One Little Spark~~ Eyes, part 2 

Henry doesn't know that he is being watched also. He has a double agenda. He knows how to get off of the island and he also knows that it is only possible with a key.

25 years ago he was sentenced to lifelong banning, after he assaulted and killed a woman at the capitol of Aghartha, where he illegaly lived. This woman was the wife of one of the High Judges.

He sneaked into the house when the High Judge had left for work and the woman and her three year old daughter were alone in the house. Henry assaulted the woman, raped her brutally and then slashed her throat. Leaving the child traumatized and hiding in a cupboard, alone with it's dead mother.

He didn't know the tiny girl saw everything. Neither did he know the child was an adept, because the mother seemed an ordinary woman. This woman did not try to resist, didn't ask the High Powers for help, she offered her life knowingly so her child could live.

Through the darkpurple eyes of the child all High Judges could see what happened and who did it. Because  the eyes of this child could project all these terrible images on a screen when she was asked to.

Henry was quickly found, apprehended and sentenced to be banned for life. Because on Aghartha there is no death penalty and there also is no physical punishment.

He was brought to a bay at the west coast of Aghartha in a vehicle that looks like a small hoover. There the guard held a piece of green yellow stone in front of an eye in an wooden portal and out of the blue a path appeared. Leading 5 kilometers over the ocean, floating over the water, towards the little island. There he was tied to a rock with a thick rope. The guard went off, over the floating pathway and that disappeared once the vehicle passed the eye in the wooden gate again.

So there is a way off of the island. And Henry spent 25 years looking for the same stone the guard used.

The same stone that hangs on a leather cord on the neck of Sayid Jarrah.

Henry has not noticed that at all. His attack is solely based on revenge.

Sayid gets out and off of the tree when he sees movement in the undergrowth a few meters away, in front of him. He holds his rifle on "stand by mode", because it appears not to be as large as a man.

He suspects some kind of animal. It's making small pulling movements, like it is tangled up in something. Maybe a piglett in a snare or something. He could shoot it and have it for diner.

Sawyer would have, Ana Lucia also and Locke would have thrown a knife at it.

Sayid gets his knife out, walking slowly towards the bushes, expecting the animal to try to escape and flying or running off any second now.

He is so occupied by it that he looses his vigilante and suddenly three armed men jump out of the larger undergrowth and a violent fight breaks out.

Sayid defends himself like a tiger. There is no time or room to aim and shoot, so he uses the rifle as a strike weapon. It hits two noses and an arm before it is snatched away and gets broken on the knee of one of the attackers. Sayid's knife slashes someones shoulder and cuts open brown, dirty clothes before it gets kicked out of his hands.

He then uses his fists for self defence, but three against one almost always ends in a bad result for the one who stands alone.

Someone blows him over the head and everything turns black.....


Eyes part 1

                       ~~EYES 1 ~~
Sayid was right when he felt watched.
He is being closely observed.
By more then just one pair of eyes.
A pair of eyes belong to an unknown woman.
She is small, fragile, looks very breakable, but has the highest degree of Kung Fu and carries the typical Kung Fu weapons, hidden inside her  combat tunic (can't find the correct English for this word).
Her clothing blends in with the enviroment completely, it is difficult to see her when she doesn't move, she becomes one with the lush green on the island.
She has light brown curly hair, with a coppercoloured glow on it, that reaches her hips, but she has knotted it op in a coil.
Her skin is slightly tanned, she is very beautiful, but her eyes have a very strange colour, purple!
Lavender-blue is the closest colour to it, but it really is dark purple.
There is a tiny tattoo on her forehead, in the shape of an eye, very small, very fine detailled.
It symbolizes the third eye, opened up.
This unknown, strange woman was never before seen by the survivors.
Her name is Ayn bint Elohim, she is an Adept Agent and she works for the government of Aghartha.
She is on the island to sift the grain from the husk.
Sayid is the grain.
But he is being followed by the husk.
The Main group of survivors call them "The Others".
Their leader, a man who calls him self, at the moment, Henry Galen, is an extremely dangerous person, a criminal pur sang.
He has kidnapped Jack, Kate and Saywer and now he is after Sayid.
Henry beliefs the entire island is his and his alone.
Everybody who does not agree puts his or her own life in great danger.
When Oceanic Air flight 815 fell out of the blue sky, both literally and figurative, Henry saw that as a gift from the gods.
It just had to have things, items, articles that would make life on a deserted island better, on board.
Food, drinks, medicins, clothing, juwelry, technical stuff, chairs, blankets, anything.
He could use everything very well!
Unfortunately there were survivors and they made it impossible for Henry and folks to get acces to all the new and tempting things on board.
These survivors were very intelligent, capable, they had lots of resilience and they weren't scared off easily, not even for all of the tricks Henry and co played on them to chase them away.
The only way to reach the desired stuff was with brutal force, Henry thought.
Untill he found out that they could be manipulated and from that moment on they were just pieces on the chess board. Select the weakest links and play them out against theirself.
That there were two groups of Oceanic Air survivors, that didn't know about the excistence of eachother, came out very convenient for Henry.
He scared the living daylight out of them first, so they would be scared for eachother and blame eachother instead of Henry & co.
That seemed to work well, especially after kidnapping the children.
All the children on the hermetic sealed off island.
That includes Walt and they also tried to snatch litlle Aaron away.
It looked like nobody on the whole wide island was safe and as a result people died violently.
People like Shannon, the sweetheart of the Iraqi ex-soldier.
This man is for Henry the utmost dangerous opponement at this moment.
He has to be taken out.
Preferably alive, so that he also can be brainwashed like the Michael, because he can be at use for Henry.
Like the other three strongest opponements, Jack, Kate and Sawyer are being brainwashed by "The Others".
Untill now the small but fierce and strong Iraqi has been slipping through his fingers.
But Henry knows the man has a weakness.
He has willingly and knowingly allowed himself to get "captured", only because that was the perfect way to observe and get to know the survivors of the plane crash.
At that moment it looked like Sayid was the weakest link, because it was only days after Shannon got shot.
Henry couldn't find out the weakness of Sayid before, wich resulted in Sayid beating him almost to pulp.
He has that soft spot figured out now.
Henry is out, looking for retaliation.... 

Wondering Wanderer part 2

Part 2
It is a matchbox, coated in thin silver coloured paper. Carefully he slides it open to see what is inside it. It could have been just afew matches.
But on a thin layer of cotton wool a very strange eye shaped stone looks at him.
It is green and yellow, with tiny blue and violet spots in it.
It is no emerald or jade, neither amber or any other precious stone that mother earth brings forward.
Cautious he looks around him, just to make sure he doesn't get ambushed.
Then he closes the tiny box and puts it in one of the pockets of his trousers.
Like nothing happened he walks away.
The jungle gets thicker and just ahead of another giant and ancient tree, he stops, again he scans the area. Then he climbs up the tree, chooses a big and strong branche and sets himself on it, three meter above the jungle floor.
He takes out the little box out of his trousers and this time his fingers run over the smooth surface of the mysterious stone.
Immidiately he feels tiny electric pulses coming from the stone.
His first reaction is to let go of the stone, but he doesn't want it to drop, because in the thick green jungle carpet he would never find it back.
The colours blend in with everything in it surroundings, it has an amazing way to melt in and dissappear, like some kind of cloacking device.
As he picks up the stone from the cotton he notices that it has a thin cord of leather attached to a tiny silver eyelet.
It is some kind of amulet.
The moment he holds the cord and drops the stone, his other hand underneath to catch it if the leather would break, the stone makes a horizontal movement.
From front to back and back again.
He holds his righthand firm and absolute still.
But the swaying continues.
"Could this be his own immagionation?," he thinks.
Suddenly the movement of the beautiful stone changes to from left to right and back.
Without Sayid moving at all. Not even a muscle.
"This is weird." he thinks.
The stone alters direction, goes backwards and front wards again.
"Am I going bananas here?" he asks him self.
Immidiately the stone stops and swings from right to left.
Sayid shakes his head in disbelief.
He has heard of a pendulum before but always thought that this was bogus.
But now he hesitates.
He asks, in his mind :"Can you show me a yes?."
The stone answers with swings from forwards to backwards.
:"And a no? " Sayid asks.
The answer comes from left to right.
This is amazing!
It actually works!
A little shy he looks around him.
This is nothing for a soldier.
Sawyer would have Jack over to him at once with a restraining jacket.
Jack would probably want to know what he ate or drank.
And Shannon, poor Shannon would embrace him, thinking the stone is a gift to her.
Sayid...sooo romantic.
And bananas too.
What is he gonna do with it now?
He holds the stone in the palm of his hand for a while, but then he hears how the birds fly up.
Something or somebody is moving in the area.
He scans the landsscape thoroughly.
But he can't find anything wrong.
What he does find is that the green yellow stone in his hands gets very hot.
It is almost burning in his skin.
Wondering why he opens his hands and sees to his amazement that the stone has changed colour!
It is now almost indigo, when it cools of by the air, it turns purple, then turkoise, then jade green and finally it becomes the colour that it had before, green and yellowish.
Suddenly he knows what the colour looks like.
The eyes of a Nile crocodile!
Sattisfied he has determined the colour and the strong powers it holds, he hangs the amulet around his neck.
The stone gives tiny tingling pulses when it rests against his chest.
In a peculiar way it feels reassuring, he has that amulet.
He does not know why.